‘Factories are shutting down’ WHY??

Climate change is forcing factories to Shut Down.

Covid 19 has impacted supply chain and manufacturing so badly that many businesses and factories have to close down their operations permanently.

However, this time the culprit is not corona virus but climate change. In many countries, to tackle climate change, governments have set up emission norms for Industries. Governments of all the countries are working together to address climate change collectively. The ‘Paris Agreement’ is an international treaty which aims to reduce emissions, build resilience and decrease vulnerability to the adverse effects of climate change. Governments are giving subsidies/credits to industries who comply with emission norms and are taxing those who don’t.

We at ‘C-Way Engineering Exports’ play a vital role in following the environmental norms. Our manufacturing process is environment sensitive and we ensure that our technologies limit carbon emissions.

'Factories are shutting down’ WHY?? Is your business ready for ZERO EMISSION? As mentioned ‘C-Way Engineering Exports’ is helping industries to setup and maintain their manufacturing sustainably. Here is how we helped one of our customers in cost effective way.

Thousand miles away, owner of a Machine Tool Industry consisting of their own foundry was struggling to make his factory green and smart because the cost included in the process was too high. After having several video calls, we understand the problem and requirement. The manufacturing unit was 60 years old and most of the equipments and machineries were old. We suggested changing the conventional manual machine to automatic machines which would help to reduce the operating cost and energy bill.

We offered them – • Gas cleaning plant- to remove particulate matter from the gas. In addition, the system also cools the gas to reduce its moisture content, so it would be emission clean. • CNC machine which helps in lower down wastage and consume less energy. • Highly energy efficient Motors to reduce electricity bill. • Large gauge cables and transformer to reduce loss of electricity.

“Great experience, Fantastic team of C-Way Engineering, has helped us to reduce our carbon emission significantly. We were able to bring down our operational cost and also energy bill which I never thought in such a short time. Now we are getting tax incentives too. They offered us best solution and equipment to achieve this feat. I highly recommend C-Way Engineering Exports to everyone.” Rafael

Don’t let your factory down because of climate change. We can help you to make your Industry ZERO EMISSION. We work hard to make your work easy.

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